Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

1) You must familiarize yourself with the details of these terms of use.
2) You must be at least 13 years old to enroll in any of Bixlr products
3) You are solely responsible for security, confidentiality and authorization to use any material and information that you post on your account.
4) The site may have content that you may not share or that you may find reprehensible, in which case we ask you to contact the site administrator or moderators to report any abuse.
5) Each profile, content, and page has an automatic button to report any violations of the regulation or unsuitable behavior for Bixlr moderation staff.
6) You must use the site in compliance with the laws in force in the country where you are located.
7) Contacts and related information can be entered only and exclusively in the pre-established fields.
8) It is possible to promote events, meetings, thematic groups, demonstrations on the Bixlr products bulletin board, but it is absolutely forbidden to report contents that advertise commercial activities on the site without express authorization from the Bixlr team.
9) It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce in Bixlr any material covered by copyright, copyright and / or image rights, and you will be carrying all the responsibilities.
10) All the music and video contents uploaded on the Bixlr are solely and exclusively for personal purposes. It is forbidden to download such contents and / or to record the songs themselves with mechanical or digital equipment.
11) It is strictly forbidden to insert or report political ideas aimed at terrorism, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-religion, on the Bixlr products site.
12) All contents that show pornography and nudity scenes of minors, or any material that could offend the normal sense of modesty, are totally forbidden.
13) Completely safe for all ages, races and cultures, and Bixler fully supports the campaign against homosexuality, ANTI PEDOPHILIA and ANTI EXPLICITLY CHILD campaign. Fight this social scourge together with Bixlr by reporting any abuses.
14) By registering on Bixlr you accept the following regulation.
15) Bixlr assumes no responsibility for any transgressors, but reserves the right to communicate inappropriate content and abuses to the appropriate bodies and to expel the offender from the site itself.